International Amalgamated Group, Inc. was formed in 1997 by Alexander Fisher and Mel Harris to develop products which enhance asset based transactions with an emphasis on real estate transactions. The initial product was developed in 1995 by a predecessor company which enabled operating leases to be treated as bond leases for financing of the real estate through securitizations of the loan (s) and the sale of same in the Capital Markets.

We deal with lenders, owners or insurance brokers and agents acting on behalf of the lenders or owners. 

We function in the capacity of the Program Administrator for the Lease Enhancement Program (condemnation and casualty) for companies of the Chartis Insurance Group. We do business with lenders, owners and insurance brokers through out the United States and Canada.

Our firm has helped to develop other enhancements with others which are underwritten by various insurance companies. These enhancements can assure the value of the property is equal to the amount of the loan balance (the balloon) due at the end of the term of the loan. Other enhancements, provide funds to cleanup an environmentally impaired site: protect against third party law suits; or will pay off the loan balance, if there is a default under the loan documents and there is an environmental condition on the site at the time of the default. Guarantees of future rental streams have been provided for certain qualified transactions.

We continue to develop new products and refine the existing products.

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